Taste of Soul 2015: Salon Sessions Team Takes Over!

Salon Sessions is all about supporting local communities and the 2015 Taste of Soul event was no exception. This year, our salon was honored to be a sponsor of this event and we had a blast! Our Creative Director, Neeko Abriol, and a few of our talented team members were a part of the introductory, Taste of Beauty Pavilion.

Neeko and James at the Taste of Soul Entrance. Photo by Neeko Abriol.

Neeko and James at the Taste of Soul Entrance. Photo by Neeko Abriol.

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Hair Trend: Our Favorite Fall 2015 Season Haircuts

While it seems as though we were just welcoming the summer season, summer came and went and now fall season is officially here! That means it’s time to thinking of a new haircut to freshen up that hair look of yours!

Before you consider switching up that hairdo, check out our favorite haircuts for the 2015 fall season:

1. Piecey Pixie Cut: Opposed to a full fringe look-which can come off boyish, a piecey look comes off more feminine.

Lily Collins. Photo from Pinterest.

Lily Collins flaunting her piecey pixie cut. Photo from Pinterest.

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Our Favorite Hair Products: Top 5 Summer 2015 Hair Products

summerhairThe summer season calls for summer-time fashion and beauty trends, and that means you need gorgeous summer hair to go along with those outfits! Nothing puts a damper on summer hair than uncontrollable summer hair. Try some of our try our Top 5 Summer Hair Products:

1. Bumble and bumble. Surf Infusion Spray Plan on visiting the beach this summer, or at least look like you did? Made from a blend of tropical oils and sea minerals, this spray gives your hair that perfect beachy, windswept texture! It also guards against the harsh drying effects the summer heat may bring as it contains UV filters.

Photo from Bumble and Bumble.

Surf Infusion Spray. Photo from Bumble and bumble.

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Hair Color Trend: Meet Olaplex, Blonde Hair’s Best Friend.

Photo courtesy of Olaplex.

Meet Olaplex, your blonde hair’s best friend. Photo courtesy of Olaplex.

Blonde: summer season’s favorite hair color trend. While going light looks great for the summer season, it’s hard not to consider the consequences of bleaching your hair. Hair breakage: it’s happened to most of us and it’s the last thing you want to think about when it comes to your hair. Who would’ve thought there would be a day when you could bleach your hair and it actually ended up healthier? Low and behold, we introduce one of our favorite products: Olaplex.

Olaplex has been a hit since it landed in our stylists’ mixing bowls back in November. Olaplex is a formula that is free of silicone, sulfates, phthalates, DEA, and aldehydes. When added to your professionally done hair color, it dramatically reduces breakage and in turn makes your hair color last longer! While Olaplex can only be found in professional salon settings (like ours!), we highly recommend that you ask your stylist to add this miracle formula to your hair color.

Already experienced the magic of Olaplex and want to take a piece of it home? Try Olaplex No. 3. This formula acts as a strengthener between your chemical hair services. In the Pasadena area? We have it! Book your next appointment with us by clicking here!

Hairstyling Tip: Benefits of a Haircut


Light, airy, and fresh: nothing beats that feeling after your hair has been cut by your hairstylist. Aside from using hair products, achieving your new hairstyle can be as simple as getting haircuts regularly. While men tend to freshen up their locks more frequently, women tend to hold off on getting haircuts. For healthy hair, it is recommended to get a haircut every 4-6 weeks. A regular haircut can benefit your hair, check out these top three reasons why:

1. Hairstyle Maintenance: If you have a short hairstyle, like a pixie or men’s haircut, maintaining that hair with regular trims is sure to freshen up your hairstyle.

2. Say Bye-Bye to Split Ends: Both medium and long hair lengths can benefit from a regular trim which in turn takes away split ends caused by heat styling. Remember, split ends don’t just stop at your hair’s ends–some split ends continue all the way to the scalp. Regular haircuts also maintain your hair’s health.

3. Avoid Losing Inches from your Hair: Do you wait more than a year to have your hair cut? While the length in your hair may grow, your hair may not be completely healthy. When you decide to cut your hair, you may end up having to cut a few inches off to make it look healthy, opposed to the small amount you get trimmed off during regular haircuts.

This client benefited from a haircut done by Jonathan Serna. Photo by Jonathan Serna.

This client benefited from a haircut done by Jonathan Serna. Photo by Jonathan Serna.

In the Pasadena area and feel the need to get a haircut? Book your next hair appointment with our talented team at Salon Sessions and get that hair ready for the summer season!

Hair Trend: This Summer’s Must-Have Haircuts

Spring just got here and while we are just starting to enjoy the season, we are already dreaming about summer hair at Salon Sessions! That means it’s time to start thinking about that summer hair color and haircut! Before you consider switching up that hairdo, check out our favorite haircuts for the summer 2015 season:

1. Long Blunt Haircut
Got long layered hair? Get rid of those layers and keep your hair one length. Long, blunt haircuts are predicted to be popular this season. Recently, celebrities like Allison Williams and Ciara have been spotted sporting their long locks with no layers and they look fabulous!

Allison Williams. Photo courtesy of Google.

Allison Williams. Photo courtesy of Google.


Ciara. Photo courtesy of Google.

2. Asymmetrical Long Bob
The Long Bob, a.k.a Lob, has been trending and opposed to the typical shoulder length style you may see, the asymmetrical long bob is predicted to be popular this summer. Celebrities like Kristen Bell have been spotted with this type of cut. This haircut includes angled ends is sure to add some edge to your hair!

Kristen Bell. Photo courtesy of Google.

Kristen Bell. Photo courtesy of Google.

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Our Favorite Hair Products: Meet R+Co’s Newest Additions

The three newest additions. Photo by Antoinette Rodriguez.

The three newest R+Co additions. Photo by Antoinette Rodriguez.

Hair products are a dime a dozen. How many times have you purchased a hair product and it did the exact opposite of what it advertised? We are all guilty of this. Don’t waste your time or money on a hair product that doesn’t work, instead try one of our favorite hair product lines: R+ Co.

In the past, we introduced you to our favorite R+Co products and just when we thought this line couldn’t get any better, it did! The brand introduced us to three new additions in March when we received test samples, and boy were we anxious to get it on our shelves! And rest assured that the three newest additions have the awesome and unique packaging designs that go with the rest of the line. Meet R+Co’s three newest product additions: Continue reading