Dyson’s Hair Dryer; Most Challenging Invention Yet

The experts in all things air flow have officially broke the internet.

Wednesday, Sir James Dyson took the stage in Tokyo to introduce what could be the most revolutionary advancement in the hair tools industry in 60 years.

It’s called “the Supersonic” and Mr. Dyson himself said that this invention “feels a lot more personal than usual.”


What Makes The Supersonic Different?

  • Intelligent Heat Control: Dry without worrying about extreme hear damage. Air temperature is measured 20 times every second, keeping the temperature under control. You can dry without the risk of extreme heat damage.
  • Ultra Fast Drying: controlled, quiet high-velocity airflow
  • Engineered For Balance: With the motor in the handle, not the head, Dyson’s hair dryer is engineered for balance. They’ve turned convention on its head and put the motor in the handle. Completely rebalancing the dryer’s weight and shape for less arm ache.
  • Magnetic Attachments: Concentrator and Diffuser that attach magnetically and are cool to the touch.

Back To (Beauty) School?

I think the most interesting part about this project is that Sir James Dyson felt it was so important to get this hair dryer right, he actually sent his team to beauty school to make sure they made the best product possible. When it comes to vacuums, I can pretty confidently say that everyone expects the same thing. Hair dryers are a totally different story, my list of what I expect from a hair dryer can be totally different than what your list consists of. To understand what Dyson’s consumers want, Dyson had to understand hair- and what better way to understand hair than going to hair school.

“Trust me when I say there are many more approaches and angles to blow-drying than vacuuming in the world. British women want volume. Japanese women want straightness. No one wants hair damage. And then we had to create a fleet of robots specifically to test that over and over again.” -Ed Shelton, Designer.


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A group of young engineers attended styling classes to  better understand where Dyson can improve the technology of the dryer. After classes, they realized how important the heat shield technology is. The problem was how hot the attachments got while styling with the dryer. Dyson created a shield around the dryer and the attachment so that it is not hot to the touch when a consumer goes to remove it.

On top of the beauty school knowledge, they also enlisted the help of celebrity hairstylist, Jen Atkin, to give advice on what her and her clients expect from a hair dryer and to also be a brand ambassador (look out for her tutorials on youtube using the Supersonic).


The Supersonic is expected to be on sale in Sephora stores by the end of this year with a price tag of $400. Will you be grabbing one?


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From Tokyo To Los Angeles- Meet Chiyuki.

If you were to run into her on Colorado Bvld., she would give you a gentle smile and a delicate “Hello.” but behind the chair, she is creating some of the most badass work in the industry.


Our new girl on the block, meet Chiyuki.

Screen Shot 2016-02-21 at 8.13.41 PM.png


Chiyuki was born and raised in Japan & graduated from Tamagawa University in Tokyo  for International Economy. Like most hairdressers, she questioned her career choice. “I was always thinking about becoming a hairstylist, but I always had the doubt in the back of my mind. ‘No, No, No. You can’t do this.’” After Chiyuki graduated University, she came to her fork in the road; Do I stick with what I studied in University or do I follow my heart and do hair? “I always thought ‘Is it too late?’ because the majority of hairdressers go straight to hair school right out of high school.” Chiyuki sat down with her parents to tell them her dilemma, and they encouraged her to do what made her happy. She told herself ‘it’s never too late’. A weight was lifted off her shoulders; from that moment on, it was all about hair.

Chiyuki started at her cosmetology school while assisting a small hair salon located in Yokohama, Japan. At this salon, she became an expert in extensions, braids, & dreadlocks. After  3 years, Chiyuki decided to move to a bigger salon, right in Tokyo, where she was educated on Sassoon-style cutting. She worked there for 7 years but always felt like her heart was in Los Angeles. “I always loved the culture of the United States, I used to visit Los Angeles to see my mom’s best friend. I always loved the style of the city.”
With nothing holding her back from her passion in hair, Chiyuki decided to move to United States.

I had to ask her why. Why leave all that you know; your family, your friends, the life that you’ve built in Japan to come to a foreign place like Los Angeles? With both cities being staples of the world, why leave one to go to another? Her answer was simply- Creative Freedom.

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She told me that in Japan, the clients like to stick to a status quo. “So for example, if I recommended a hairstyle that was out of the status quo, the client would second guess it; ‘Is this too much for me?’ I would always try to stress to them, “Be unique!” but in Japan, some of the hair that I like to create is out of most clients comfort zones.” In the United States, we love to be unique with our hair. Adding our personality to our tresses is something we have loved for years. (remember the iconic feather extensions?) In Japan, hair is extremely detailed and precise. “There are so many extremely talented hairstylists in Japan & I learned so much, but wanted to give more unique hair. I can be more creative here.” Chiyuki told me with a huge smile. “When I visited LA, I saw so many people that were unique. They knew what they liked.”


“Its not only about hair. When I’m doing my clients hair, that is the closest I can get to them. I am kind of shy, but when I’m doing hair, I can touch them, and I feel like I’m becoming close to them. A mutual trust. When I’m finished and they look happy, that is the most amazing feeling to me.” -Chiyuki Furuta



Sometimes your passion can take you places you’d never think you’d end up- like half way across the world for Chiyuki. We are more than excited to have her on our team.


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VS Fashion Show- Maria Makes History

When you think of the hair at the Victorias Secret Fashion Show, you automatically think flawless beach waves and sun kissed balayages. Maria Borges is changing the status quo, she made Victoria’s Secret hair history by walking down runway with her natural hair.


Angolan model, Maria Borges, has walked down the runway for Victoria’s Secret 3 times prior to this influential moment, each time sporting long, black extensions and signature VS waves, but this time, she walked completely natural. “I told my agent I wanted to walk in the Victoria’s Secret show with my natural hair,” Borges told Essence. “I was nervous, but I had to do it. When they said ‘yes,’ I didn’t expect it, but I was so happy!”

Victoria’s Secret reps LOVED the idea. During casting, the lingerie label asked 23-year-old Borges to come to auditions, but to leave her extensions at home. Borges was estatic. “We were all nervous because I didn’t expect them to answer so quickly,” but that “yes” turned into one of the most iconic VS moments since their first show in 1995.

Styling Borges’ hair for the show was totally a breeze. She wanted her hair as natural as possible. She aimed to let her gorgeous texture take the stage. “I asked them to only put in olive oil spray and that’s it. I was happy because it took 10 seconds to get ready. It was the first time I didn’t have to straighten my hair. It was so easy and I loved it,” Borges said.

Care at home is just as simple. Her product of choice? Olive Oil!

“Be strong. If you say you’re beautiful without hair and makeup, then they will believe you. It’s about being confident and always being yourself.” – Maria Borges

Borges took the leap of faith and underwent her ’big chop’ after Riccardo Tisici, Givenchy’s Creative Director, encouraged her to do so. By the time Givenchy’s Fall/Winter 2015 show rolled around, Borges was already rockin’ her short ‘do.


Maria Borges modeling for Givenchy’s Fall/Winter 2015

Borges told i-D how having her hair short and natural has really pushed her to discover her own personal brand as a model. She wants to see her industry embrace diversity and individuality. ”The industry—thank God—has become more accepting of individuality. They accept whatever makes you feel comfortable, cool, and beautiful,” she tells i-D. “I think that for those of us who grew up watching Naomi Campbell and all the top models who had beautiful long extensions, it’s freeing because now you don’t have to adhere just to that standard. You can change, you can go natural, you can have different colours, and you can be yourself.”

We are loving the hair, Maria!

Catch Maria and all the gorgeous Victoria’s Secret Models on

Tuesday, December 8th @ 10pm on CBS!

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Our Favorite Hair Products: Oribe


The Oribe logo. Photo from Pinterest.

Hair products are a dime a dozen. How many times have you purchased a hair product and it did the exact opposite of what it advertised? We are all guilty of this. Don’t waste your time or money on a hair product that doesn’t work, instead try one of our favorite hair product lines: Oribe.

If you are into fashion, then you must certainly know about Oribe. Oribe (pronounced OR-bay) has graced the hair and fashion industries for the past three decades. His work has been featured on the covers of countless magazines, such as Vogue, actresses, like Scarlett Johansson, models, like Cindy Crawford and brands, like Dolce & Gabbana. His list can go on and on, and it’s nowhere near being done! It’s no wonder he would eventually create his own hair product line and we L O V E it!

At Salon Sessions, we believe in using hair products that actually work and Oribe hair products, without a doubt, fit into this category. Here are our top 3 favorite products: Continue reading