Dyson’s Hair Dryer; Most Challenging Invention Yet

The experts in all things air flow have officially broke the internet.

Wednesday, Sir James Dyson took the stage in Tokyo to introduce what could be the most revolutionary advancement in the hair tools industry in 60 years.

It’s called “the Supersonic” and Mr. Dyson himself said that this invention “feels a lot more personal than usual.”


What Makes The Supersonic Different?

  • Intelligent Heat Control: Dry without worrying about extreme hear damage. Air temperature is measured 20 times every second, keeping the temperature under control. You can dry without the risk of extreme heat damage.
  • Ultra Fast Drying: controlled, quiet high-velocity airflow
  • Engineered For Balance: With the motor in the handle, not the head, Dyson’s hair dryer is engineered for balance. They’ve turned convention on its head and put the motor in the handle. Completely rebalancing the dryer’s weight and shape for less arm ache.
  • Magnetic Attachments: Concentrator and Diffuser that attach magnetically and are cool to the touch.

Back To (Beauty) School?

I think the most interesting part about this project is that Sir James Dyson felt it was so important to get this hair dryer right, he actually sent his team to beauty school to make sure they made the best product possible. When it comes to vacuums, I can pretty confidently say that everyone expects the same thing. Hair dryers are a totally different story, my list of what I expect from a hair dryer can be totally different than what your list consists of. To understand what Dyson’s consumers want, Dyson had to understand hair- and what better way to understand hair than going to hair school.

“Trust me when I say there are many more approaches and angles to blow-drying than vacuuming in the world. British women want volume. Japanese women want straightness. No one wants hair damage. And then we had to create a fleet of robots specifically to test that over and over again.” -Ed Shelton, Designer.


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A group of young engineers attended styling classes to  better understand where Dyson can improve the technology of the dryer. After classes, they realized how important the heat shield technology is. The problem was how hot the attachments got while styling with the dryer. Dyson created a shield around the dryer and the attachment so that it is not hot to the touch when a consumer goes to remove it.

On top of the beauty school knowledge, they also enlisted the help of celebrity hairstylist, Jen Atkin, to give advice on what her and her clients expect from a hair dryer and to also be a brand ambassador (look out for her tutorials on youtube using the Supersonic).


The Supersonic is expected to be on sale in Sephora stores by the end of this year with a price tag of $400. Will you be grabbing one?


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Stylist Spotlight: Stephanie Witter

The talented Stephanie Witter at Salon Sessions. Photo by Ethan ValVerde.

The talented Stephanie Witter at Salon Sessions. Photo by Ethan ValVerde.

Stephanie joined the Salon Sessions team in January of 2014. Stephanie attended and graduated from the Mojave ROP Cosmetology program in 2006. Stephanie specializes in scissor and razor haircuts. Outside of the salon, Stephanie is constantly on the go! Stephanie has participated in the LA Style Fashion Week and hopes to participate in the NY Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week. She is often selected to style hair for child celebrity photo-shoots and high fashion children’s editorials, such as Babiekins, The Mod Child, Little Trendsetters, and TMK magazine. Just recently, she had the pleasure of hair styling The Originals star, Danielle Campbell, for the cover of LVLTEN Magazine-which will be on the second issue in January. Awesome right?!

Stephanie on the set with one of her adorable clients! Photo belongs to Stephanie Witter.

Stephanie on the set with one of her adorable clients! Photo belongs to Stephanie Witter.


Stephanie on set with Danielle Campbell. She styled her hair for the January cover of LVLTEN Magazine. Photo belongs to Stephanie Witter.

Be sure to visit Salon Sessions and to view more looks from Stephanie, follow her on Instagram at @witterstephanie.