The Blonde Journey; Things You Should Know

If you were born with dark locks, I know at least ONCE in your life the thought “I wonder what I would look like blonde..” has popped in your head. There’s no other way to put it; becoming blonde is a journey. At the first swipe of bleach on your hair, you are engaged. These are the must-know things before you decide to decolorize.


Khloe Kardashian’s 2 Year Blonde Journey (collage by @vixenhair)

  • Communication Is Key. Consultation. Consultation. Consultation. This part of the appointment is crucial for your stylist to get to know you. Wether you realize it or not, this has a direct affect on your whole look. If you are an avid surfer who curls your hair only once in a blue moon, your color, foil placement, levels lifted will be extremely different from the lawyer who does their hair every day. The more in-depth you get, the more personalized your color will be. From there, your colorist will be able to set up an in-depth strategy on how you both will get to the end goal right after your consultation. You will both be able to create a timeline based on what type of blonde you both agree on and what your budget is, and each visit getting closer to your end goal.


  • Know How Blonde & Your Budget. Make sure the type of blonde you want to be coincides with your budget. A few face-framing highlights will be much less expensive to keep up than a full blonde balayage. And a full blonde balayage will be less costly to keep up than being root-to-ends blonde. Always make sure you factor your budget into finding your perfect blonde, because if you can’t keep it up, it’s not for you.


  • Stay With The Same Colorist. Leaving your colorist halfway through your journey for blonde is like ditching your wedding planner a day before your wedding. You’ll have to re-tell her everything; what time the flowers will be arriving, the dinner seating arrangement and why your aunt absolutely can NOT sit next to his aunt (yikes). Same with your hair. Your stylist knows your hair after a couple sessions, they know how much lightener your hair can take and what toners just don’t work for your tresses. This is beneficial for you because you don’t have to go through the consultation process again. (side note: the only time I would recommend leaving your stylist is obviously if you aren’t happy with your results after a couple sessions or if your hair doesn’t seem healthy. Being a hairdresser is like dating, you aren’t for everyone. Find your perfect match.)


  • Be Openminded About “In Between” Colors. Your stylist cares. They will never let you walk out of the doors with an ugly color, but again, this is a journey. Remember that every session you have, you are one step closer to your end goal. Embrace the steps and remember that this is best for the integrity of your hair. (and who knows, you might end up loving being a light brown.)


  • Home Care Matters. Invest in good products, this will make a world of difference in your color. I know spending dough on something that will never leave your bathroom sounds like a bummer deal, but the products you use will have a huge affect when you sit in the chair. (trust me, they can tell). When your stylists recommends an at-home masque or a repairing conditioner, it’s so your blonde journey can be sped up to get you to your end result quicker. Bad quality products won’t repair the hair, slowing down the process.


  • Be Patient & Realistic. Rome wasn’t built in one day. Be patient and realistic about your journey. Trust me, your stylist wants nothing more than for you to say “This is exactly what I wanted.”


Being as natural brunette who is currently a pretty light shade of blonde, the best piece of advice that I could give is that blonde is not a destination, it is an ongoing journey. Bottom line, the longevity of your hair is our greatest concern. Healthy, beautiful hair is what we aim to give you.


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Hair Color Trend: Meet Ecaille (Tortoiseshell Hair)

In recent years, the popular ombre and balayage hair color trends have taken the hair industry by storm. But like all trends, there comes a time when you have to say good-bye. Meet the newest hair trend craze: Ecaille (pronounced e-ka-ye). Ecaille is French for the word “tortoiseshell”.

Sarah Jessica Parker showing us her stunning ecaille hair color look. Photo from Pinterest.

Sarah Jessica Parker showing us her stunning ecaille hair color look. Photo from Pinterest.

So what’s the difference between the ombre, balayage, and ecaille hair color looks? The ombre look usually leaves clients looking like they haven’t visited a salon in quite some time (hence the darker roots), while the balayage look is a more, natural, sun-kissed look. Ecaille on the other hand offers face-framing highlighted pieces in the front, with softer, lighter shaded pieces all around the hair. The ecaille look also focuses on amber, brown, warm blonde, and honey tones which are similar to a tortoiseshell–hence its name! Similar to the balayage and ombre looks, ecaille is also low maintenance, which is perfect for a client on the go!


Alexa Chung rocking the ecaille hair color trend. Photo from Pinterest.

While Ecaille first appeared in 2013 and quickly became a figment of our imaginations, this look re-emerged this past year on the runways during fall fashion week. Good for you, style enthusiasts predict that this look is here to stay! In the Pasadena area and want to try the ecaille look on your hair? Call Salon Sessions at 626-795-8856.