Hair Stylist- Forbes Least Stressful Job Of 2015?

About a week ago, I was casually strolling through my Twitter feed on my day off after a long, hectic week of being in the salon. As I was scrolling, I came across this post from Forbes Magazine:


Screen Shot 2016-01-15 at 12.18.49 PM

I was shocked. There is no way a Hair Stylist has the # 1 LEAST stressful job in America?! After thinking about it for a while, I realized why people not in this industry could think this profession is a walk in the park. “How could someone who makes hair pretty all day have a stressful job?”

If you aren’t in the hair biz, you don’t know all the stress that goes into each day- into each client to make 100% sure that they leave with a boost of confidence and hair that matches their lifestyle. The toner formulation that can make or break the hard work on your balayage. The perfect length to cut the lob. The color correction strategy. The right product for that male client. The foil placement that is crucial. Where a lunch break is a blessing and if you have time for coffee, it’s a great day.

One stylist wrote into Forbes saying “From working on a strict, constant time schedule, where running even 5 minutes behind can cause big problems to your schedule. To the added pressure of trying to achieve the perfect desired look for your guests. Hair stylist are on the spot all the time during their work hours…” (Candice Elyse)

It is easy to assume that us as Hair Stylists have an easy job; how amazing is it that we get to be apart of a such positive moment of someone’s life? But every day, I watch my colleagues pour their heart and souls into every client that sits in their chair, I watch them express themselves as artists. When your canvas is living and breathing, you want nothing more than for them to feel their absolute best, and that can be a huge weight on your shoulders no matter how well trained you are.

The pressure to deliver is constant, but after you finish that last blow dry section and turn your client towards the mirror, the sparkle in her eye and the infectious smile is always well worth the stress.


What are your thoughts on this article from Forbes?

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