Advice Every Hairdresser Needs To Hear

As Salon Sessions was slowing down after a hectic Friday, I caught Neeko in the middle of running around. Over the hum of the blowdryers, in the waiting area, I asked him, “Neeko, what is the number one question that young professionals ask you?”

He sat next to me and explained to me a concept that young, old, new, seasoned- all hairdressers can benefit from.

“The question I get asked at almost every class is ‘Neeko, how do you do stars?’ Thats when I ask them, ‘Are you doing stars already?’ Most of them, maybe 99% of them say no. And so that’s when I tell them, ‘If you’re not doing stars now, or even having star qualities, how will stars ever hear about you?’ So my whole concept behind that is that you should be treating the older lady, the young girl, or lady that lives down the street like a celebrity. That level of performance, that level of service, the caliber of what I bring to the table would have never became known if I didn’t. If you start now, if you plant seeds, it will crack the ground and before you know it, you’ll have fruit.


America’s Next Top Model shot in Salon Sessions Studio 

“…you should be treating the older lady, the young girl, or the lady that lives down the street like a celebrity.” -Neeko Abriol

At every class I talk at, I tell everyone, you HAVE to start now, wether your clientele is celebrities or not. If you hold that standard, you can take your level of customer service and your performance to a place where a star will hear about it.

Stars are regular people, real people, but its crazy that everyone would treat a celebrity different than they would a regular person. If you treat everyone exactly the same, which should be amazing, then amazing will be drawn to you. If what I do is amazing, beautiful, fits the right demographic, that demographic is going to start gravitating towards you. I did that with Pink, Halle Berry, Tyra Banks, Missy Elliot, we would invent a new look to launch to a new demographic. We created looks based on who they are or what character they were playing. And I take this same mindset back to the salon to create looks based on my clients lifestyle’s, personalities, and the role they play in their everyday lives.”

The biggest piece of advice I took from Neeko was “You have to be everything you want to be today in order for everyone to gravitate towards you tomorrow.” With 2016 right around the corner, make treating every single client like a celebrity, your new years resolution.

Well said, Neeko.


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2 thoughts on “Advice Every Hairdresser Needs To Hear

  1. Excellent advice! Star quality service is the goal. Delivering that caliber of service is a great, everyday practice. Some days we may be faltering and we may even get a little lazy about going the extra mile. A quick self-check is vital to make sure we’re behaving professionally.

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