Our Favorite Hair Products: Meet R+Co’s Newest Additions

The three newest additions. Photo by Antoinette Rodriguez.

The three newest R+Co additions. Photo by Antoinette Rodriguez.

Hair products are a dime a dozen. How many times have you purchased a hair product and it did the exact opposite of what it advertised? We are all guilty of this. Don’t waste your time or money on a hair product that doesn’t work, instead try one of our favorite hair product lines: R+ Co.

In the past, we introduced you to our favorite R+Co products and just when we thought this line couldn’t get any better, it did! The brand introduced us to three new additions in March when we received test samples, and boy were we anxious to get it on our shelves! And rest assured that the three newest additions have the awesome and unique packaging designs that go with the rest of the line. Meet R+Co’s three newest product additions:


Vicious by R+Co. Photo courtesy of R+Co.

1.Vicious Strong Hold Flexible Spray: Just when you thought they couldn’t add another hairspray to their line, they did and this one is “wickedly good”! Vicious acts as a strong holding hairspray and just like their Outerpsace hairspray, you are able to brush through your hair without dealing with pesky flakes.Oh, and did we mention how much we love the packaging design?


Analog by R+Co. Photo courtesy of R+Co.

2.Analog Cleansing Foam Conditioner: Unlike traditional hair conditioners, Analog acts as a light weight foam that conditions and softens any type of hair in place of your regular conditioner. This foam conditioner works great for underhydrated hair.

Foil by R+Co. Photo courtesy of R+Co.

Foil by R+Co. Photo courtesy of R+Co.

3.Foil Frizz + Static Control Spray: Nothing irritates us more than frizzy hair! Don’t let that hairstyle you just worked on go to waste by getting frizzy. Working as a perfect finish for that hairstyle, Foil is great for getting rid of frizz and taming those stubborn flyaways.

Already in love with the line? Curious to try these new goodies? Good news! If you’re in the Pasadena area, stop by Salon Sessions to pick up your R+Co essentials!


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