Stylist Spotlight: Salon Sessions’ Owner Victor ValVerde Gives Back

Salon Sessions' owner, Victor ValVerde.

Salon Sessions’ owner, Victor ValVerde.

As a senior hairstylist for nearly two decades, Salon Sessions owner Victor ValVerde has been creating some of Hollywood’s hottest looks for A-listers. Victor’s passion for hair began at the age of 15 and has not stopped since. At only 24 years old, he opened his first hair salon where he set a new standard of service and continued to thrive in his profession. With so many experiences in the hair industry behind him, it’s no wonder why he has become such an inspiration in the hair community.

Victor ValVerde as the co-host of the Beauty Makers Award Show in 2014.

Victor in the October 2014 issue of BE! Magazine discussing the salon’s Cancer Awareness Month.

As a hairstylist, Victor’s work doesn’t stop in the hair salon and he believes constant education in the hair industry is key to being successful in the hair industry. Victor is not only an avid believer of giving back to his community, but he also enjoys giving back to future hairstylists. When he is not giving tips or advice to his salon team members, he can be found at various hair industry events and cosmetology programs mentoring the future of the hair industry. Earlier today, he had the privilege of visiting the Citrus College Cosmetology Program students. Victor not only discussed the fundamentals of the hair industry, but he gave the students some honest advice on interview preparation, the importance of dress code, commission benefits/disadvantages, business licenses, and what it takes to be a well-rounded, successful hairstylist.

Victor and the Citrus College Cosmetology Program students.

Victor and the Citrus College Cosmetology Program students.

To check out his latest hair creations click here.


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