Beauty Trend: Benefits of a Professional Facial

pasadena_facialSince your skin is on constant display, it has the power to dictate how confident you feel when you’re out and about. At Salon Sessions, we believe in beautiful, healthy skin! The benefits of a professional facial can be so rewarding and crucial in maintaining or starting healthy skin care habits. Check out some important benefits of a professional facial:

1. Professional facials can reduce fine lines: they increase the production of collagen in your skin, which in turn prevent premature aging.

2. They are a form of detoxification: A professional facial can reduce the waste under your skin that can potentially create puffiness in the skin.
3. Tired of those dark spots? Dark spots can lighten and skin tones even out after a professional facial.
4. You get a deeper clean than you would at home: Since you get a deeper exfoliation of the skin, it smoothes your skin and this can be beneficial when it comes to using your moisturizers and serums.
5. And most importantly, facials allow you to R E L A X: Nothing beats a little R & R and giving yourself some “you” time, need we say more?

Try the Alphablend Maximum Exfoliant Facial for only $60!

Try the Alphablend Maximum Exfoliant Facial for only $60!

Remember, if you are in the Pasadena area, you can stop by our salon and take advantage of spa services! Our esthetician, Senaida, offers a relaxing environment and has a variety of professional facial services using Bioelements products. This month she offers a 55-minute Bioelements Alphablend Maximum Exfoliant Facial. For only $60, this treatment minimizes pore size and helps reduce clogged pores, leaving your skin looking vibrant and feeling smooth! Offer valid through January 31, 2015. Make your appointment today!


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