Hair Color Trend: Unicorn Colored Hair

Unicorn colored hair: we’ve all seen it, we all love it, and have at some point wondered what we would look like with it. It’s no wonder we fantasize about having pastel colored hair when celebrities like Kelly Osbourne, Nicole Richie, and Katy Perry have all graced the red carpet with these gorgeous, yet bold hair colors.

Kelly Osbourne. Photo from Pinterest.

Kelly Osbourne. Photo from Pinterest.

So, you’re thinking about taking the plunge? Here are some tips to consider before going pastel:

1. Skin tone and color selection
Just like makeup, you must consider what pastel color best suits your skin tone. For instance, those with fair skin, light pink or blue hues will suit you. For those with a medium skin tone, vibrant, saturated tones like, ruby, fuchsia, blue or emerald green will complement you. Darker skin tones pair best with purple, plum or ruby colors.

2. Prepping for your color session
Your hair is going to be going through a bleaching process: avoid scalp irritation by not washing your hair for a couple of days prior to dying your hair. By not washing your hair, your scalp can create a natural defense between your skin and the bleach.

3. Washing your hair
Naturally, your pastel hair color will fade, it’s inevitable. To help maintain your hair color between sessions, wash your hair every other day. Invest in an awesome dry shampoo, like R+Co’s Death Valley Dry Shampoo. This dry shampoo is sure to refresh, volumize and put some bounce into your hair. When it’s time to wash your hair, use a sulfate-free and color safe shampoo, be sure to rinse with cold water.

4. Maintaining your hair color
Before making this hair color commitment, be sure to discuss with your hair stylist about the maintenance of having pastel colored hair. For naturally darker colored hair, you may need to come in every 3-4 weeks to touch up your roots and hair color.

5. Can’t have unicorn colored hair? Fake it
If you can’t have bold colored hair for professional reasons, or you just simply aren’t ready for a big commitment, try a temporary alternative. Alternatives like hair chalk, or hair chalk sprays can be your quick fix and can easily wash out. We like Bumble and Bumble’s Spraychalk, and did we mention they come in four awesome colors?

Just recently at Salon Sessions, team member stylist, Riechard Alexandre gave his client a gorgeous lavender platinum hair color. His client previously had a dark, almost black hair color. Riechard was able to achieve this gorgeous hair color in ONE session! Click here to read more about how he gave his client this gorgeous color.  For more of Riechard’s work, check out his Instagram: @riechardexclusives


Hair by Riechard Alexandre at Salon Sessions Studio, Pasadena, Ca.


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